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E-Fuel Farmers Will Rule Organic Energy Future

Expect Corn & Biofuel Crops to Increase 4-Fold

Currently the United States consumes annually about 200 billion gallons of carbon fuel to service major industries such as power, transportation, aviation, and the energy industry itself. What came to a surprise to us was the fuel and chemical production industry itself was the top consumer of their own product! What does this tell us? It takes a lot of energy to make energy, especially when it comes to fuels and chemicals. As much as the government tell us their mission is to eliminate fuel completely, and go fully electric, it is never going to happen because every manufactured product on earth requires, either directly or indirectly, the use of fuel. Solar, Wind Turbines and Batteries are all considered high energy intensive production products so they obviously would not exist without carbon fuel.

The good news is E-Fuel’s Rejected Energy Reactor (RER) solves this problem by reducing oil and fuel demand by up to 70%. And we also made the decision not to use the reactor to produce diesel or gasoline products to force the fuel consumption rate down to 70 billion annual gallons. Ethanol will be our RER (What about Rejected Energy instead of RER?) carbon-negative fuel of choice to make power and hydrogen and then utilize oil to produce carbon-negative kerosene Jet-Fuel. This means once we achieve the lower fuel consumption rate farmers can service the entire energy demand (except for Jet-Fuel).

With this major energy paradigm-shift it should create the greatest transfer of wealth from the $5 trillion energy market over to farmers and jobs to support the local community organic energy services. Consumers, commercial businesses, and aviation airports should all see a major cost reduction in energy and energy poverty. So how do farmers begin their E-Fuel transformation? Last summer, E-Fuel began shipping the world’s first farmer-based water booster pump which runs off 100% ethanol. California and 6 other states began banning the use of farming booster water pumps and power generators running off diesel. Our first customer was the largest U.S. carrot grower Grimmway Farms, located in Bakersfield, CA. E-Fuel partner’s arrange for the equipment delivery and fuel delivery along with ongoing maintenance. Grimmway Farms also saved a lot of money on fuel while reducing air pollution!

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