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  •   Who are your targeted customers?

E-Fuel’s first Proprietary reactors will focus on producing lower cost and lower carbon for power, ethanol, hydrogen, and kerosene jet fuel. Reactor size and energy capacities can adapt to serving a wide range of off-grid customers, such as individual homes, commercial buildings, data centers, microgrid distributed communities, fueling and charging stations, aerospace and aviation fuels, marine and ground freight transportation industry, agricultural processing centers, fulfillment distribution centers, and large manufacturing facilities.

  •   Who is your competition?


The entire $5 trillion dollar energy industry.

  • What is most unique about RER technology?


Its ability to reduce energy costs and emissions far exceeds other existing alternative technologies.

  • What makes the RER better than your competition?


It is the only technology that addresses the real source of the Climate Change problem which is the massive amount of abiotic strip mining being extracted from the earth.

  • How is the RER cost-competitive against Renewable Energy products?


It will be almost impossible for them to compete on a cost or carbon basis because Rejected Energy is essentially a repurposed energy product with little or no cost.

  • What does the RER cost before subsidies?



  • How does the RER compare to solar, wind, and batteries?


The cost and lower carbon emissions advantages of the RER are substantially less than abiotic renewables.

  • What is the product warranty?



  • When will E-Fuel announce the RER product shipment date?



  • Which countries will have access to the RER?


The first RER utility services will start in the United States and then expand worldwide.

  • How are crude oil and ethanol beer delivery service handled?


Deliveries will be managed by E-Fuel using 3rd party services.

  • What modifications to my home and commercial properties are required to use the system?


E-Fuel will arrange a dealer installation team to set up the RER system at the location.

  • Do you have information regarding greenhouse and emission trends?



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